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About me

For me the ocean has been more than a dream, it has been the place where I need to go, so I can found myself. Since I was a little girl, I fell in love with the sea and everything around it. I graduated as Marine Biologist so I can get entangled in this incredible world. I started diving in 2015 and since then I never stopped until I did my PADI Scuba Instructor course to be able to teach and show everyone the other world we have, take care of it and maintain it.

Also, I need to say that I am a shark lover. These creatures are the top predator of the oceans; however, they are the only ones that keep the balance and cleanliness of it, is not that amazing?!! They tell me I’m crazy for thinking in that way, but: hey! it is what it is!… and diving has made me realize how awesome the underwater world is. So just take a deep breath and follow me!

Languages: Spanish, english, italian, french (basic level)

Instructor qualification: Open Water PADI Instructor, EFR Instructor

Specialties taught: Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, Enriched Air Nitrox, Tec Gas Blender, Adaptive Techniques, Equipment Specialist, Emergency Oxygen Provider, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project Aware & Coral Project Aware Instructor.

Most memorable diving moment: Galapagos Islands – Gordon Rocks when I dove with more than 50 hammerhead sharks over my head, Galapagos sharks, black and white tip shark, it was insane!! I could not ask for more!!



About me

I am a marine biologist passionate about everything related to the sea. I need to be in contact with salty water to not get too crazy, literally! Diving is one of my favorite activities because I can relax and enjoy everything that surrounds me, in a minute I can concentrate on the little animals that live hidden in the sand and the next I am amazed by the colors of parrot fishes or a starfish … in my lucky day, a humpback whale may cross and say hello and sing its songs (I’m still waiting for that to happen).

I know the importance of marine ecosystems conservation, so I feel that it is necessary for everyone to be concerned about the situation and contribute to the care of our oceans. As divers we have the obligation to do so … by collecting plastic that is floating in the sea, cutting the fishing nets that are entangled in the coral or simply maintaining a good buoyancy to not damage the marine environments.

Languages: spanish (native), english, portuguese(level one)

Instructor qualification:Open Water PADI  Instructor, EFR Instructor

Specialties taught: Emergency Oxygen Provider, Peak Perform and Buoyancy,  Project Aware & Coral Project Aware Instructor. Adaptive assistant

Most memorable diving moment: Galapagos Islands – Kicker Rock, I saw nearly 4000 salema individuals forming a fish school (I’m not joking), I swam towards them and they surrounded me darkening my whole panorama. Crazy S#%it!

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